iStripper Update

iStripper Update – Happy Halloween everyone! There's a new iStripper update available (version 1.2.138). Now is a great time to try iStripper for the first time or to  spice up your old version in time for the holidays! Enjoy!

iStripper Halloween

This new release comes with many improvements such as :

  • A new header, more user friendly.
  • Previews are not listed in your collection anymore. but can be found in the store (and there is a new filter for them)
  • Previews management (add/delete) from the Girls Store.
  • The auto-download of previews has been removed.
  • The previews that are not downloaded should be different in the store.
  • Add folder choice for the download of the photos zip.
  • + a nice list of bugs that have been fixed

How to update your version?
Download the new version here http://wallpapersexy.net/go/istripper  & run the install.
Don't hesitate to contact the support team at istripper.support@actiondesk.com If you have any question.

Happy Halloween!

VirtuaGirl is now iStripper

VirtuaGirl is now iStripper!

iStripper is the new name for VirtuaGirl. The software now features a new attractive design and adds the ability for users to choose and download any girl's preview! You can download it here.  This update to the VirtuaGirl software and program brings some pretty big changes and there's a lot to be excited about. The new UI is very clean, easy to use, fast and simple to configure. Along with the new ultra high-def 3k shows the new look makes a truly stunning display for the girls. Here's a preview image of the new software from my PC. Check out the release below along with key features, new prices and more pics of the new iStripper experience.

VirtuaGirl is now iStripper

VirtuaGirl is now iStripper

We are excited to announce both the release of our newest software and the change of the name of our main product from VirtuaGirl to iStripper.

The new name – iStripper – allows us to emphasise on the core of our product. With the explosion of Virtual Reality and VR headsets today, the name VirtuaGirl was getting too far away from what it features for new users.

We wanted this new GUI to be fully resizable and of dedicate almost all its working space to the content itself. If you have a big collection and a big screen, this was made for you!

We wanted to give all users the freedom to choose and watch any preview. The carrousel (now “Featured”) now shows a selection of suggested girls in different categories. When you download their preview, they are added to your collection with a “Preview Only” flag. There is no limit for now about how many Previews you can download per day or before you buy something for now. Suggested girls in “Featured” are updated every Monday. This new section has been designed mostly with new users in mind, if you already have a significant collection, you might keep directly using the ‘girls store'.

We are trying to make the software easy to understand for new users, with choices as simple as ‘Get Free Preview' or ‘Buy Full Show'. There is a Quick overlook console when browsing girls in the girl store, so you can have a quick look at the girl standing, and roll over icons to quick check her picture, bonus videos, user comments. There is an “Use slider console in store” option you can uncheck if you prefer not to use the console and see the girl's page in the current windows.

The name of this new version is iStripper, reloading your account from iStripper you'll see slightly different price points, all credits on the iStripper side are multiplied by 10.

DeskBabes content is now featured in iStripper as iStripper XXX collection. It's not available to new users unless they check the option to see XXX content in advanced settings.

The current version of the Virtuagirl website will stay open while we launch iStripper and it will not be closed before we're sure all functionalities that were available on the Virtuagirl site are available in iStripper software. You can reload you account and use your credit on either side of course during the transition, keep in mind your balance and price cards are both multiplied by 10 on the iStripper side.

To install this new version:

– You do not need to uninstall your current version. You can do the new install over your existing one.
Download and run the new installer.

Discover everything about iStripper in 6 steps

We hope you’ll like this new software!

Key features:

  • New product name, VirtuaGirl™ becomes iStripper™
  • New user interface, now with more space dedicated to content
  • Ability to choose and download any girl's preview
  • New “Featured” page with a selection of the best girls in each category updated weekly
  • “Now Playing” slider showing coming up next, now playing and past girls
  • Playlists management, with random, loop and importation of older activated of favorite files
  • DeskBabes cards are now included as iStripper XXX cards (after you check the option to see that content in advanced settings)
  • Profile, messages, forum, contributions, reload and history now available in the software
  • FullScreen, Music and Download are now accessible from the main menu
  • Settings now has a basic and advanced modes
  • New user guide and customer service interface
  • Up to 200% zoom in full size when advanced settings is checked
  • New reload price points ($4,99 instead of $5 etc) and all credits multiplied by 10 on iStripper (not effective on VirtuaGirl)

Additional information:

  • Price of UHD cards (3K VirtuaGirl) are now 25 credits instead of 30 credits!
  • Upgrade to iStripper is optional and if you don't like it you can freely go back to VirtuaGirl. (I think you'll like the upgrade!)
  • The download manager is no longer a separate module.
  • Your account, including your collection and credits, can be used both on iStripper and VirtuaGirl.
  • No Need to uninstall VirtuaGirl, just download and run the new installer.

New prices:

With the official release of iStripper this week, we’re excited to announce new prices of cards, which also become effective on VirtuaGirl. To simplify our offer, we have removed the 7 days 20% discount on newly released cards and dropped the price of all recent cards by 18%.

UHD (3K VirtuaGirl) : 25 credits (-18%)
XXX UHD (3K DeskBabes): 25 credits (-18%)
1080P (VirtuaGirlHD): 20 credits (no change)
XXX 1080P (DeskBabes) : 20 credits (no change)
VirtuaGirl 720P : 16 credits (no change)
Deskbabes 720P : 16 credits (no change)
Classic : 10 credits (no change)

We hope you won’t have to artificially focus so much on new releases because of the price discount and will now be able to take advantage of the combination of unlimited free preview downloads available with iStripper and a fixed lower card price!

Jump on over to iStripper and grab your update now. This is a great upgrade to VirtuaGirl program and I'm excited to promote it here at WallpaperSexy. Feel free to leave any questions or comments about the new software below. Enjoy!

Download iStripper for MAC and PC!

Viola and Lola Reve DeskBabes

Viola and Lola Reve, two of our favorite DeskBabes are together at last, and it was well worth the wait! These girls have some amazing solo shows but their chemistry together is hot enough to melt a desktop. Viola has the most incredible big natural tits and great legs. Lola is a hard body French babe with perky tits and a sweet ass. Both these blonde hotties like it a little kinky and they look great having fun in tape, corsets, tiny lingerie, leashes, collars and high-heels. Download Viola and Lola's show here! Enjoy!

Get Lola and Viola having sex on your desktop now!

Lola Reve Striptease

Lola Reve Striptease! Lola is such a sexy young blonde. She has an adorable smile, flirtatious eyes and a firm body that she loves to show off! We've had Lola on the site before and we couldn't be more excited to see her strut her stuff in her new DeskBabes show! Lola is simply stunning in a sleek black dress, but she doesn't stay in it long proving once again that blondes really know how to have more fun. Get Lola Reve stripping on your desktop here!

Download DeskBabes here!

Violette Pink and Nikita Bellucci Play At DeskBabes

Violette Pink and Nikita Bellucci play at DeskBabes. Violette is a petite young blonde with perfect tiny tits, Nikita is a tattooed brunette hottie with gorgeous eyes and a kinky tongue. These girls have some nice chemistry on-screen and clearly enjoy their time together. Grab their strip show here!

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Ewe Sweet – Busty Blonde

Ewe Sweet is a naturally busty blonde posing in red and black lingerie for DeskBabes. Ewe has very beautiful eyes and a ‘girl next door' look which gives her an extra sexiness that really shines through on-screen. This girl is a joy to watch strip and incredibly hot when she plays!

Ewe Sweet at DeskBabes Ewe Sweet sexy blonde DeskBabes
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VirtuaGirl Now Available for Mac!

Great news arrived in my inbox today. It seems after years of providing millions of satisfied Windows users (including myself) with the sexiest desktop girls around our friends at VirtuaGirl.com have finally branched out and released a completely optimized version of their software for Mac! Check it out Mac fans and see why over 17 million Windows users are smiling so much. Enjoy!

VirtuaGirl now for Mac!

VirtuaGirl is now available for Mac!

Go to VirtuaGirl.com

Read the Press Release below:
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